Christopher Dammann


Restroy, "Saturn Return"

The band Restroy featuring Chris Dammann/b, James Davis/tp, Nick Anaya/ts, Catherine Monnes/vi-cel, Tim Stine/g, Gina Sobel/fl, Daniel Richardson-Dylan Andrews, Loren Oppen heimer/perc and Matt Wyatt/elec-perc advertises itself as performing “contemporary music in the tradition of Great American Outsider Art.” I think what that means after listening to this album is that they like Blue Note styled hard bop, but with a few modern tweaks. It works well!

The rhythm team knows how to create a rollicking groove, as Davis’ warm trumpet embraces the bopping “Twenty –Seven” and the two horns swing along the sizzling groundwork on “UMA.” The drum work is crisp on the driving “Autumn Must Be Money” and with tablas, there’s an exciting pulse on “11 Eggrolls.” Things get a bit on the “Outsider Art” phase with Monnes’ violin and Sobel’s flute get jagged on “S.M.I.B.D.” and some Asian flavors create fragrant moods on “Waiting” and lovely lotus blossoms bloom on “Chris&Cathbffs4evahever.” Comfortable but keeping you on your toes.